Monday, January 23, 2012

Byron Bay + Gold Coast - Australia

Sorry guys for the late post!!!
Really hard to find a good connection here!So here the latest news:

After spent some houres in byron bay lot of peoples told us it will be easier to find jobs on the gold coast, as everything was occupied in Byron Bay. So we took our little van and drove direction " Surfer Paradise" on the Gold Coast.

Surfer Paradise is a big city , really really touristic and not so nice, not a lot of surfers and not so Paradise any more....
But on the south a little town " Burleigh Head" is really nice, lot of surfers, and lot of jobs offer!
So we decided to stay there for some days, look for job setc...

Digby got one, in a chic restaurant in front of the sea called Meesh's. He is really happy with this job, he is working really hard beetwen restaurant and bar and do lot of nice coktails for everyone!
Sophie is still looking for a job, she had an interwiew for a accessories kiosk in a shopping center and will work 4h per day at Meesh's for help the busy team.

We also took an other surf lesson and rent boards for a day..
Here the waves are much bigger than Lennox Head, so much harder to learn to surf!
But we try , we try...
The thing is it's really expensive to rent a board, it's like £20 per hour and we really want to learn to surf! Also we are going to california and Thaiti where it's really good for surf, and also after be back home Biaritz is not so far from Sophie'house so why don't buy a board?!
Digby bought his first board!
He doesn't have lot of times for try it but Sophie tried it for him!

Also the campsite start to become expensive for us so we decided to rent a room with the manager of Digby Esteban , he is from Barcelonna and he is really nice. He leaves in Kira beach ( really nice for surf also), and he had a really nice flat ,inside a house ( typical australian's houses). So we have our flat now!!!

We still use the van for go to work and put our boards inside ( also Esteban loan to Sophie his first board that he doesn't use, so now Sophie had a board!)
We van is now called WOODGEE.. Basically Mt Woodgee is the local surf brand , and because we put stickers on the van we decided to called him like that.
Also because now we leave and work on the gold coast there is no better name that this one.

Burleigh Heads is also really busy at the moment with the world chanpion surf junior.
All the best surfers from all the world are here! Next sunday we will know who is the winner!

We love Australia, Burleigh Heads, Kira our new house, we are really happy here!!!
And even if Digby is working is a way of life so nice, nice weather, beach, surf and friends!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sydney to Byron Bay - Australia

Here we go! the coast in our campervan...

We bought some exta stuff to arrange the van the way we want, it's really nice now!
We drove Grosford to Crescent Head, really nice village for surfing, famous for surf with long board.
We met some really nice peoples, and our spot was so good ( in front of the sea!) that we decided to stay 2 days and enjoy the beautiful scenary from our van.
After we decided to go finally to the famou Byron Bay, famous for the surf and nice city to find summer jobs.
In the end we end up in Lennox Head, small village also near Byron Bay, really nice for surfing also.
We had a really nice spot on a lake, really nice for do barbecue at night.
We finally learnt to surf! it was so GREAT!!! we loved it! really lot of fun.

Here surfing is a tradition, everybody surf! we saw even grand parents, still in their campervan go surfing. Everywhere we go 1 car out of 3 is a campervan with surf boards everywhere. I think we are the only camervan in all australia without surf board on the roof or inside.
Same for skate boarding, there is skatepark near to the beach in each city and everybody skate. Even the little girls to 7 years old go to the citycenter with a skate board.

Here it's a little bit like the states the peoples are or really fat or have a lot of muscles!
Everybody is also blond, the guys looks all like the singer to Iggy Pop.
If you are not really tan, with the end of your hair blond , and a board you are not an australian