Thursday, September 27, 2012



We flew from NY at night and arrived at 7am in London.
Don't know why but we could not sleep in the plane so we arrived in London without sleeping at all.
Around 6.30am we could feel tired but in 20 min our trip will end, our familly will be there so no point to sleep now.

As soon as we exit the airport all our friends and familly are waiting for us, WE ARE BACK!!!!
lots of hugs, tears, exitment, etc...
We went all have a big breakfast in Central London, everybody is full of questions, we have so many things going on, at some point we could not feel the fatigue anymore and just kept going, with the help of coffee.
We stayed in London for 3 days: back in the dull life, back in the flat where everything started, seeing old colleagues, old jobs,friends, etc...
nothing changed and at the same time a lot, it's weird!

We realised we have lot of things to catch up with friends, what's happened in their lives  during this year.
But otherwise London is still the same, for the first time in 1 year everything is familliar, every signal, street sign, etc... we know everything by heart.

Then we went to the South of France , Sophie's familly.
We had a big party with all her familly and friends, lots of good food and good wine.
Then we spent some days in Barcelona: Digby's familly, we went to the hairdresser , first time in 1 year!

After that we flew to Malaga, South of Spain as Sebastiaan and Sacha our friends from London are getting married!
A 4 day wedding in Marbella with all our friends.
We had the most amazing time and it was so good to party with all our friends again.

We also had the oppotunity to see Veronica ( a friend from Australia!)
We spent 2 days with her, so weird to see her in Spain and not Australia but it was perfect.

Now we are back between Barcelona and South of France .
Trip is definitely over.

We still don't know what we want to do , where we wants to live.
Digby has an interwiew about wine in Barcelona so we will see!
It still hard for us to think that we are back in normal life, we have the impression than we never left, we just had this crazy dream about travelling for a year!
For sure now when we are looking at pictures and videos ( by the way big video about the trip coming soon on the blog!) we realised how amazing our trip was! we can't believe we actually did it.
We are also really happy than nothing went wrong, nothing has been stolen, etc..

It 's really strange for us to think that we don't know the next time we will fly somewhere, no longer do we have the sensation of freedom.
For sure we will miss to  be in an unknow city and loved it, wake up the morning and have no idea what will happen during the day, this freedom of not knowing what is happening in the world , in our business etc,  meeting new people everyday, walking for hours with our backpacks and don't know where we will sleep at night, make every bed yours, have all the clothes conpressed in a micro bag, be super carefull with a piece of paper: our passport!, basically just travelling!

We want to thanks everyone who followed us during this amazing trip, looked at this blog and posted coments and sent  nice emails.
Thank you to our parents who printed lots of pictures in albums: it was a nice surprise to see !
Thank you to all our friends who gave us the Tshirt, we had so much fun to do it everywhere in the world.
And thank you everybody who we met during this trip who helped us and gave us lots of unforgetable moments.
Hope to all see you again !






Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New York - USA


Here we go... our final destination of the world trip!

We were really sad to leave LA, and thinking we had only 3 days left in our trip.
Luckely for us, Sophie's cousins ( Claude's childrens ( Claude = uncle fromArgentina)) live in NY and let us to stay with them.
So we stayed with Neil (Claude's son) and Mia his girlfriend ,for 3 days.

We arrived at night, Neil and Mia welcomed us in their really nice studio in Queens.( with the  view of Manhattan!!)

Neil also has an old campervan like the one we had in Australia, so it was fun to visit NY in a campervan!

During our 3 days we visited all the basic tourists attractions: Statue of Liberty, Empire state building, Central park, Time square, 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue , Brooklyn and Soho.
Everything went really fast as always but it was really amazing.

New York is so big! All the avenues are so long, buildings so high and it's crowded!
It was also boiling hot and the subway was almost unbearable.
Neil and Mia showed us Brooklyn by night. It was also our last world trip's night so we decided to celebrate it!
We went to a nice restaurant and club. It was the perfect night for our last night.
The next day was short as we were little bit hangover and had to take our flight for London around 7pm, but we had time to go to little italy and had a perfect NY brunch with Neil, Mia and Cynthia ( Neil's sister).

New York was really amazing, too short but cool.
It's really this kind of city where everything is going on, " the city which never sleep" it's exactly that. People always everywhere, lots of business and sucess.

It's funny because it's exactly the opposite of Los Angeles: here you just walk or take the subway but in LA you need your car for everything.
But NY is a big city like all the other big city in the world: lots of people,subway crowded, buildings everywhere and not so much space for parks.
We liked it a lot but think we still prefer LA for the way of life.
Maybe now we are more country/ nature people than city people!

So yes, the moment is already here: take the last flight for London!
We are so tired I think we don't realise we are coming home, the trip is over and all our familly is waiting for us at the airport.
Our feelings are mixed: really exited to see everytbody at the airport, and really sad to leave.
We don't really miss anything, familly yes but same time we skyped with them so we don;t have the feeling that 1 year has passed.
We loved travelling so much we are ready for an other year around the world right now!

For long time we thought: when we will be in the plane for London we will be so exited and release than it's finished. But actually not at all, the year went so fast we even didn't have time to realise what we were doing.
So we were just thinking " we are already here, on our way back home! We can't believe it!"

We will post an other article about the come back in London!

So this is our last article during our travel!
Thank you so much everybody for reading all our articles and following us during our trip!
Thank you for all the nice comments and love from everybody! Love you all