Wednesday, August 17, 2011

we've got all the medicines!

Sofi poses with the the two boxes of medicines we got today, we reduced the volume by taking allot of it out of its packaging as you can see all the empty boxes on the table.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Australian Work Visa's

Hello Again,

Yesterday we both got our working holiday Visa's for Australia approved, less than 12 hours after applying. We applied online filled out the forms sent of all our information and were surprised how quickly we received an answer.

We will probably still need to show our onward journey tickets when we arrive and prove we have sufficient funds to support ourselves (around 5000 AUS Dollars). You should note this allows us to work to supplement our holiday( hence we need sufficient funds) and cannot work for one employer for more than 6 months. However for seasonal bar work its an ideal way to get some extra cash to travel around with.

This is the Australian Immigration offices website were we applied, ( its packed with information on how to apply and makes the process pain free.

By far and away the easiest and most logical Visa application since we have started to apply for Visa's. The Ausie's are so cutting edge that we don't even need a stamp in our passport but our visa is electronic and linked to our passport number. Simply present the passport at immigration and the visa comes up on there screen!

But you can if you want it as a souvenir get the paper put into your passport at any offices once inside Australia.



Friday, August 12, 2011


J-29 today before we depart on our year long trip !! 
Sophie is in the south of France visiting severals doctors for medical checks ! And Digby is in England fto pass his driving license ( Finally) as he is already 25.
We are enjoying our last moments in Europe with our family and friends before leaving  for our year long trip.
So speak you soon before the departure!