Digby / Sophie

Digby :

Age: 25
From: The Netherlands,
Live in: London
Works for:  interior design company in London: Minotti ( but Digby studied Hotel Management)
Passion: Skiing, Cooking, Digby can be passioned by everything !
What he absolutely wants to do during the trip: Go to Nepal and Matchupitchu, skiing in Alaska and on the Mont Everest, learning to cook in each countries the traditional food.
What will be hard for him during one year : Nothing !

Digby according to Sophie: Digby is the most social person I ever met! He can speak and meet people everywhere ! when he start to be passionate about something, he focus completely on this. Digby is like an encyclopedia!! he knows everything.
But for me Digby is also the nicest person, he is also there for everybody.
it's impossible to hate him!!

Sophie :

Age: 23
From: Tarbes, France
Live in: London
Works for: Condenast Publication, Stylist Assistant to the fashion director for the Magazine Tatler Russia.
Passion: Fashion, Street style, photography, theater.
What she absolutely wants to do during the trip: Go to Australia,California and Tahiti, wear all the clothes to each countries, driving old fashion camper van, meet lot of peoples.
What will be hard for her during 1 year: don't see her family and friends, don't shopping in London, don't be in the news trends this year.

Sophie according to Digby
Sofie is a hard working, determined and an incredible person, she can be very organised (if she wants to be) ..... but at home some times she can throw so many clothes through the room it looks like a bomb has gone off. If she gets an idea in her head she will follow through until she reaches her goal. I think the hardest thing for Sofie will be one year without all her clothes and no not shopping in Topshop. I think Sofie is most looking forward to being in Tahiti on the beach in a typical Tahitian outfit. I can't imagine any one else I would rather share this experience with.

We have been together as a couple for 3 years, but met each other when we just 14 years old in spain, during summer's  holidays. Ever summer we would meet again on the beach. However 3 years ago Digby decided after Sophie left he missed her so much he hitched a lift to France then took a train and surprised Sophie in her home town. We have been together ever since and have never been apart for more than 3 weeks, and have lived together for two years.