Food Around le Monde

Here the food we ate everywhere in the world.
We forgot to do Africa but now start with India.

street food INDIA

street food:samosas INDIA

bread with potatoas and spices INDIA


snack with onions rings, cheese, potatoes, etc NEPAL

dalbat NEPAL

fried momos NEPAL

 Yak Momos TIBET

Yak tomate farcies TIBET

Yak harchie parmentier TIBET

Noodles soup TIBET

Yak Momos TIBET

street food THAILAND

Noodles soup with dumplings JAPAN

japonese breakfast JAPAN

Noodles and fried fishes JAPAN

fried fishes with fried eggs JAPAN

fried fishes with fried oignons and soya sauce JAPAN

Tuna tartare TAHITI

fresh tuna with rice TAHITI
Terrine de Thon TAHITI

Tahitien beer


chicken with vegetables ARGENTINA
empanadas, tarditonal food of ARGENTINA
nice steak ARGENTINA
meat plate ARGENTINA

Lama steack BOLIVIA

tacos and fresh guacamole PERU

quinea PERU

Jungle corn PERU
Guinea pig with sea weeds and unknow stuff! PERU

Tuna fruits, street foods PERU

National drink PERU

Tuka tuka PERU


Bojitos MEXICO

Mexican beer

mix of everything MEXICO


Famous Mojito CUBA

Traditionel meal CUBA

rice with black beans: traditionel rice CUBA

Fried bananas CUBA

Homard CUBA

Calamares CUBA
National beer CUBA

National coke CUBA

National meal CUBA


Fish and rice CUBA

National Paella COSTA RICA

Fish and sweat potatoes COSTA RICA