10 Sept 2011: Departing from London to Dakar via Madrid

10 sept 2011: Dakar, Senegal: we are staying with Sophie's grand father in Sali.

29 sept 2011: Johannesburg, South Africa: SAFARI lasting 29 days visiting Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia etc

Nairobi, Kenya- Mumbai,India  Taking trains across India, its apparently the best way to get around.

New Delhi, India- Katmandu, Nepal then possibly on into China if we have time.

Katmandu, Nepal- Bangkok,Thailand from Bangkok we want to head out through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

Thailand - Honk Kong: we are staying with Yuri: Digby 's  Friend

Honk Hong - Tokyo, Japan

Japan - Sydney, Australia.

December 2011: Australia :we will cross the country in old fashion camp van, and stay some months for work in the country.

Australia- New Zealand

New Zealand- Tahiti

Tahiti - Sophie( she is french so she can) will try to work also there. ( Digby will be on the beach!)

Tahiti - Chili

Chili - Argentina: We are staying with Sophie's uncle next to Buenos Aires.

Argentina - Brazil

Brazil - Peru

Peru- Jamaica

Jamaica - Cuba

Cuba - Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Mexico

Mexico - California: We are staying with really good friends in Los Angeles.

California - Canada: We will stay some month for work . (+ Skiing)

Canada - Alaska (Digby's life long dream/ ambition is to go Heli-Skiing in Alaska)

Alaska - New York

 2012: New York - London: END!!!!