Saturday, March 31, 2012

Magnetic Island - Australia

We decided so to go to the small island next Townsville for have a look to the beauty of the tropical island and for dive!

We took the ferry with our little van let's go to the island!
This island is famous for the beautiul landscape and also for the concentration of koalas on the island!
We decided to sleep in the koala center.

We were in a middle of eucalyptus tree ! really nice place.

The beaches on the island are absolutely stunning and the weather is just.. perfect! but really really hot!
The only thing is , it;s stinger season and so we can not swim without a stinger outfit.
Some beaches have a secure area where we can swim and some we jyust tried whithout!

We also rent a jetski and went looking for turtles and dolphins, we didn't see any but it was lot of fun!

It's crazy here , it;s the same oceam than before but there is no one waves, it's flat as a lake.Perfect for jetski!

we had 2 amazing day and now ready to move to whitesundays... best island to australia! so we will see...
Also w could not dive before of the wint, they cancelled so we decided to spend 3 days on a catamaran on the whitesundays islands who are on the great barrier reef and dive as much as possible for see the stunning wildlifes.


Gold Coast to Townsville - Australia

On the road again!!!!

After 3 days driving and around 1500km we finally arrived to Townsville, TROPICAL QUEENSLAND!
Bye Bye the surf,white beaches with big waves, dry weather, etc....
We are now on the tropics and on the great barrier reef!

We had 3 amazing days to drive and look the stunning landscape.

We stop the first night in a small village Bargara, next Bundaberg.
It's a really tinny village in a middle of sugar cannes and old school architectures.

For our second night we decided to stop next to the beach in the countryside where the nearest supermaket is 70km far away!
It was an amazing place to stay, in front of the sea, nobody else here, PEFECT exeptc.....

It's sand.... Digby wanted to stay away from the sea , Sophie wanted to be the closest.... finally... we've got stuck!!!!!!!!!!!
we spent 2h30 to diging, tried everything for get out the van ! but impossible so we had to find someone with a 4X4 for help us!

We finally arrived in Townsville where Jake, Digby 's ex colleague is living now.
We will end up with him and maybe go to Magnetic Island for dive and enjoy the beautiful tropical island!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gold Coast end - Australia

Here we go...

Our last days on the Gold Coast and almost time to leave Burleigh Heads,Kirra and Coolangatta behind as we shoot up North in the direction of Townsville and Cairns.

We really enjoyed the easy going beach life style of the Gold Coast , beautifull beaches, long summer days and the occasional tropical downpour. We have made friends and met loads of great people on our trip so far but after almost 3 months here it has started to feel a little like home. We will miss the people and life style here a lot, fortunately we are off to discover loads of new and exiting places.

We are back with our little van for new adventures!

Let's go!